I miss my D200

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Re: moofner ...Re: Get a D300s while you still can.

Sorry to be vague. Having owned a D200, D300, D300s, D700 and tried two different D7000 models (and owned a D40x), my point was that IMO:

D300s has better colours than D7000, certainly for skin tones, and as I did some of my best weddings with the D200, I tend to agree that the D200's colours are AT LEAST as good as the D300. However, I think the twin card slots on the D300s are a must-have (and although the D7000 has twin card slots, the buffer is HOPELESS).

The instant zoom on playback is a deal-breaker for me, and while the D200 and D300/s have this feature, it is missing on the D7000 (and Canon).

The D700 colours are maybe the best of all (?) but as that camera does not have twin slots, the lenses are expensive, and everything works out very heavy, on balance I am very fond of my D300s. Do you know - I might even get a second D300s as they are now under £999 in the UK. I would end up with 2x D300s and the D700 would have to go. I would miss the large VF and I would just have to work around the lost high ISO performance (tripod etc).

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