S100 for a beginner?

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Re: S100 for a beginner?

Alright now I'm in a dilemma. I can either decide to go for the S100 as planned, or look for a 2nd hand DSLR (something like the 550D, not too cheap because video is a necessity).

So I'll make pros and cons list.

Canon Powershot S100

  • Cheaper

  • Pocketable

  • No need to worry about adding accessories (lens, flashes, hoods and whatnot) to the camera

  • A wider wide angle compared to typical kit lens. 24mm is equals to 15mm on an APS-C DSLR.


  • Poorer image and video quality

  • Will miss out on the 'DSLR experience'

2nd hand DSLR

  • Better image quality

  • Can begin purchasing lenses that can also be used when I upgrade.

  • Better platform to practice manual controls, and photography in general, compared to the S100. (or is it?)


  • Expensive

  • Lenses are expensive too, especially if I plan to buy good lenses for long term usage.

Note that I'm currently using a Lumix DMC-TZ5 that belongs to my dad, who rarely uses it. It doesn't have manual controls, but I could rely on it whenever it's inconvenient to bring a DSLR around.

But my gut tells me to go for the S100. I think the 24mm wide angle would be the deciding factor, it's expensive to get a lens that is anything wider than a 18mm (29mm eq.) on a DSLR. I could buy another S100 with the money.

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