Nikon D70s: today's equivalent?

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Re: Nikon D70s: today's equivalent?

First of all, I strongly agree with those who encourage you to ask what it is she is looking for in her next camera. These units might be better overall, but they certainly lack the simplicity the D70s has.

A year ago, I upgraded from a D70s to a D7000. I loved my D70s and owned it since May of '06. I wanted a D70s that supported clean images at a much higher ISO. Video was of no importance to me. I find my D7000 to be perfect for my uses. I just wish it had a larger buffer so I could take a longer sequence of raw images without having to wait for the images to write to the memory card.

I suppose I'd be in dream land if I could put my image sensor into the camera body of a D300(s). Yeah, that would be heaven indeed.

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