New Member: First camera - Canon SX40HS

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New Member: First camera - Canon SX40HS

My wife is an equestrian, and I wanted something with a decent zoom that wouldn't be too complicated to operate.

I'm addicted!
Been snapping 400 ~ 500 pics a week for the last few weeks.

Now, I'm using manual and program modes for most shots, only reverting to auto when I don't know offhand which settings I want to use for a particular situation.

I now have two tripods:

  1. Outdoor use with levels and spikes on the feet (center piece is also a monopod)

  2. Cheapo small indoor one that barely supports the weight well enough for countertop/floor user

I'm a programmer, so picking up the facilities of the image editing programs hasn't been complex (so far).

On the iPad I've been using:
(I'm blown away by how much can be done on the little device).

  1. Filterstorm (hands down my favorite)

  2. Snapseed (easiest to use, and great filters)

  3. ArtStudio (it's like a REALLY watered down photoshop, but decent for raster edit)

  4. iMovie (weird UI at first, but once you get the gestures down and create images to be used with transitions in your movies... is VERY capable for the form-factor)

On the desktop I've been using Photoshop(CS5), which I've used for years for various web/app work. I've learned so much about curves and filter masks though in following along with image editing tutorials.

The video modes on the camera are a lot of fun (240fps is some good slow motion, but the resolution is only QVGA), however I usually use the 1080p 24fps mode on a tripod.

Let me just say "Hello" and get to my reason for posting (finally!).
Do I want filters with this camera, and if so, which ones?

I tried a 52mm UV filter from a big-box store today, and it did not screw in well at all, and I didn't like it (cheap, RocketFish brand).

I see filter kits like this online:

and I don't know if I'm supposed to be using 67mm (which this looks too small for), or if I need to use canon brand 52mm. Perhaps 67mm is some standard size for things and the adapter makes it easy for people to reuse them?

I've reached a point where I'm not sure of what to get (if anything), and I'm not confident in my ability to comprehend the differences without having help

Also, I know this camera doesn't have changeable lenses, but can I do something to increase it's macro shot ability?

Finally, does anyone have experience using CHDK on this camera? What does it give you the ability to do, and is it worth the hassle in your opinion?


What accessories will improve my shooting capabilities and protect my Canon SX40 HS?

Should I try using the CHDK alpha, and what will it let me do in real-world scenarios?

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Canon PowerShot SX40 HS
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