Sigma's next camera will be ???

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Re: Sigma's next camera will be ???

richard stone wrote:

I do not think that the Foveon look requires 16MP x3. Probably 10x3 would be plenty. And it would probably provide a cleaner image.

This can be discussed at length. But ... it all boils down to what you want.

I cant imagine that the 5 um pixels on SD1 are too small. A 10 MP APS-C sensor will have 6 um pixels, i.e. 20% more area. I dont think thats essential. I dont think a 10 MP sensor will have better noise behaviour.

Whats essential though (IMHO) is the match to lens resolutions. The SD1 seems to have so high resolution that most Sigma lenses just cant generate the Foveon look, i.e. aliasing. Maybe a 8 or 10 MP sensor is better if you want aliasing. Or maybe its even better with 5 MP (SD15) or 3 MP (SD10). If you want aliased pixels that is.

Personally I believe in lots of pixels and lack of aliasing. So - I would rather increase the number of pixels. And then get some very nice lenses. A sensor that outresolves the lens and a lens that has nice and even unsharpness sounds optimal.

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