GX1 or GH2?

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Grasping the Grip

jalywol wrote:

Yes, the GX1 is smaller, but much, much harder to hold on to without the GH2 grip.

I even like it better with the 100-300mm lens, because I can cradle the lens in my left hand and the whole assembly balances nicely.

Well, on that you are on your own. Large lenses balance much better on the GH2 with the real grip if you want to hold the camera in your right hand.....

I found the GX1 extremely uncomfortable to hold, and I was quite surprised about that since the reviews had found the grip on it pretty good...

Perhaps the way that I hold a camera is not the norm, but I "hold" my cameras with my left hand and use the right to steady it and to press the shutter. Maybe it's because I started shooting when no cameras had grips, but I have difficulty understanding how anyone can comfortably hold a camera and long lens and press the shutter using only one hand. Don't get me wrong, a grip can be a nice plus, but it's not a necessity for me. I have a left hand, and it comes in very "handy." No pun intended.

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