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Re: Questions NX200 vs Nex-5n

sensibill wrote:

verybiglebowski wrote:

Two totally different shots with different settings. The monkey shot is of different lenses entirely. ...And at the very least, as you yourself said, the differences are minor. I think the crocodile (?) image favors the NX, for whatever it's worth.

I have much more shots, but after reviewing all of them, I decided to end the testing as I found everything I needed for my use. The shot of crocodiles shows the back-focus on NX, but if you find it better, good. My point is very simple again - for the reason of better manual focus support of NEX (peaking function), viewfinder and one extra stop of speed that I am getting at the same aperture and ISO settings, I am consistently getting much more sharp shots from NEX than NX200. Overall, NX200 shots looks a bit soft at any setting compared to NEX-5n. This was mentioned also on some of the reviews, and is probably nothing to worry about in a real life, but it is fair to mention.

In that regard, I am getting more sharp shots from the NEX in almost any situation then I do from NX.

In the world of humanity, we can always account for user error.

Just ribbing Seriously, I think it does depend on familiarity and comfort handling the hardware. I simply cannot stand the ergonomics and interface of any NEX except the 7. And with my lowly NX100 using FA and the 'shimmer' trick to determine focal plane on the AMOLED, I have little problem getting sharp focus from my vintage Konica Hexanon 1.4 57mm. I can't take the credit for that, as the camera lends itself to such results.

That is absolutely OK, and I also said that I like NX200 UI more than NEX-5n. On the other hand, I get used to NEX UI, and it doesn't make me uncomfortable anymore.

Nice, sharp shot.

I am also glad that you have the camera you like. Regarding Sony product support, this might be true, and I won't be surprised either. But it can happen with Samsung too.

Yes, but Samsung already has more native lenses, of a collectively higher quality, more on the way.

I just wanted best possible IQ camera to play with my legacy lenses, that otherwise stayed on the shelf. So far I found NEX-5n, and there is for sure lot of space for the improvement. I am however not interested in the native mounts at all. For assignments or some serious work, I will still rely on my DSLR system, and related glass collection.

Nice work, thanks for sharing!

I have no experience with NX100 or any other Samsung camera, except NX200, so I can't comment on your work. I am sure that NX200 is capable and viable option for many enthusiast photographers, and it will be even better if NX20 brings some more fuel into fire.

For those who are looking for a small ILC camera with a best IQ and native pancake lens range, I would suggest NX200. For the legacy lenses, I will suggest NEX-5n. If the size doesn't matter, I would still suggest entry level DSLR, such as Canon 550/600D, or Nikon D5100.

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