GX1- why you like it?

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John Camp Regular Member • Posts: 206
Re: GX1- why you like it?

I have two GX1s now, and a GH2. I've been with Panasonic since almost the beginning, after first buying, and then selling, the first Olympus.

As far as I can tell, the differences in image quality between Olympus and Panasonic is mostly in the minds of the testers, and are not actually seen in prints or on-screen. I stay with Panasonic because I'm used to them; if I had to change to Olympus, it would take me a couple of weeks to adjust, and then I'd be okay again. If I need a step up in image quality, I have FF Nikons, but I rarely shoot them anymore. If anyone here reads Kirk Tuck's blog, you'll know that he is an actual working professional photographer with actual paying clients, as opposed to mythical clients, and he has shot commercially with a Nikon V1, which has a sensor considerably smaller than the m4/3. So you know what? M4/3 is good enough for almost anything, if you actually shoot them. If you mostly talk on DP Review, then nothing is good enough.

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