repairing smart media

Started Dec 22, 2002 | Discussions thread
OP Nick Harman New Member • Posts: 18
Re: repairing smart media

by the way im using SMPREP under win2k to format the card


Nick Harman wrote:
yes i can dump any type file onto the card and read it fine so the
card still 'works' in one respect


gp wrote:
when the card is inserted into the reader under 2k, can you write
anything from the pc to the card?

Nick Harman wrote:

a friend has a fuji sm camera

the broken card comes up as 'format' in his too, but formatting
just gets a bleep and a return to the 'format me!' symbol:-(

its the card reader that frys the cards. clearly they hate being
pulled out without 'eject'command first


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