repairing smart media

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Re: repairing smart media

a friend has a fuji sm camera

the broken card comes up as 'format' in his too, but formatting just gets a bleep and a return to the 'format me!' symbol:-(

its the card reader that frys the cards. clearly they hate being pulled out without 'eject'command first


gp wrote:
Very odd, It shouldn't "fry" the cards. I've been using
smartmedia since '97 when I got my first cam. and I have never had
one go bad.

Do you know anyone with a camera that takes SM? If so, I would try
to format the card in another device and see if that yields better

If you don't know anyone. Contact me.


Nick Harman wrote:

I am having trouble with smart media cards. If I mistakenly take
the card out of the usb reader under mac os9 without 'ejecting'
first, the card often 'breaks' so that when it is inserted back
into the camera the camera will not read it and gives me the
'initialisation' symbol. However when i try to initialise nothing

If I place the card in the reader using a pc and win2k, win2k
recognises the card as smart media and I can do a full or partial
'wipe'. Ive tried this, and it seems to work as far as win2k is
concerned, but nonetheless the card is still unusable in camera

I realise its my mistake taking the cards out without ejecting, I
try to remember but Im only human:-)

Ive gone through about 6 cards this year and its very tedious,
especially when a long way from the shops. Is there no way these
cards can be repaired?


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