Macro lens choice,Sony,Tamron or?

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I know

dlkeller wrote:

HSM is not necessarily quicker than screw drive, and in many lens/camera combinations is actually slower.

Yes, I read in Chasseur d'Images' old test of Minolta's 70-200 mm SSM that it was by no means faster than the screwdrive-equiped 80-200 mm.

Hunting is more a matter of how the camera is reading focus and is usually improved by a focus limiter switch on the lens. No question it is quieter however, but this is generally more important in in video shooting than still work.

I'll aggree that neither flowers nor indeed insects will be scared by the sound of a screwdrive lens, but I still prefer the sound of silence. It also has the advantage of DMF, or direct manual focusing. Some camera bodies, like the A700 and A900, have a menu option for this, but only after focus is acquired. On lenses with a DMF switch, turning the focus ring will disable AF, allowing MF instantly. I haven't checked if the 150 mm has this function, but I wish I had it on my 200 mm macro. I mostly use it with manual focus, but not always.

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