How could I have improved these?

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Re: How could I have improved these?

I don't remember which posts they are now, but a couple things you asked about are a good book and how to lighten the trunk with Olympus Viewer. As to the first, if you have a public library, browse the shelves in the photography section and just pick out anything that appeals to you. Don't neglect pre-digital books; Kodak's How to Take Good Pictures has been around for decades, and continues to offer good pointers for a wide range of subjects. Olympus Viewer has a feature called auto tone adjustment that can lighten dark areas without adversely affecting midtones and highlights. I haven't used Viewer, but if this feature works the same as in Olympus Master and Olympus Studio, you aren't tied to its auto setting, but can adjust the strength of the effect manually, too. I believe the SAT (shadow adjustment technology) setting (usually put in effect by choosing auto gradation in the picture mode settings) applies the same technique at the moment of capture, but that doesn't mean further application can't be made later if desired.

•Automatic tone adjustment function. Automatically creates an optimized tone curve revealing details lost in shadow or highlight resulting in a more life like image.

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