How could I have improved these?

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A few suggestions...

I've taken plenty of shots like the first one... You see something interesting, so you take a shot; but when you look at the photo it looks like nothing at all! Don't be discouraged! Seeing something interesting is the most important thing here, and it is one step that plenty of photographers never seem to make. One simple exercise is, when you see something that interests you, try taking four or five different photos of it. Try different viewpoints, different composition, get close with a wide lens, or move away and zoom in, experiment with large and small apertures. See how the elements in the photograph interact, and what expresses the thing that attracted your eye in the first place, and look out for serendipitous accidents that give good results.

The second shot is a great photo. I love the pattern of the sky against the solid shapes of the branches and the delicate shapes of the leaves - like little birds. Also you have used subtle PP, rather than PP it to death. There's plenty of good stuff in that image; the composition is nicely balanced; and it is a little bit different. I think you did a good job.

Ignore the people who say that a tree photo has to look a certain way. Learn the "rules" (Rule of Thirds etc.) and try them out, but don't be a slave to them.

Finally, don't expect every photo to be great. Heck, I hate most of my photos after I've taken them. A good photograph is a great achievement and takes a lot of hard work.


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