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Leonard's advice is not bad

Hey Kenneth. Mostly I agree with Leonard. I'm not sure why there was such an uncalled for response there about him. Leonard does a good job instructing people and I think is caring and understanding. I agree that the first shot might have been better not posted. You also said it was just a random shot to see what it looked like. I'm not sure trying to help make it better would have done so. I'm also not sure just shooting randomly is a good way to learn.

Just to throw in my advice. I think it's always best to try to previsualize what you want out of an image. It doesn't have to Xerox what's there. In fact, I don't think you want to even try to do that. You want to visualize what you want that image to be. Think about it a little. Even hold up your fingers to frame the image first. Where do you want the light to come from? What is the story? What is your main and secondary subject? What parts are useless and detract from the above? Can you get rid of those things by moving? Are there any things in the background that detract like a telephone pole growing out of someone's head? Can you move to change that?

You can previsualize the image knowing you might have to do post work on it. Maybe you could not remove the pole coming out of someone's head and have to do it in post. That's ok too as long as it's part of your creation.

As Ansel Adams said, "You don't take a photograph, you make a photograph." I think that's the best advice for someone just starting out. Think about it. Have fun and good luck. Also, in the future, pay attention to Leonard Miglore. He's a great resource on the forum. I promise.

One more thing off topic about posting poor images. Sometimes posting a poor image can really be instructive for both you and everyone else. But, there are sometimes where you know up front it's poor and you won't really derive much benefit from answers. At those times, remember that you're judged on the aggregate of your work. People lump it all together in their judgment of you. Nothing wrong with that, but consider it when deciding on whether an image will really help you learn photography. I'm not sure there's anything about the first one where any advise would help you. I might totally be wrong. I often am.
Cheers, Craig

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