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Re: My F550 is better than I-R's F550

edu T wrote:

What happens is that the physical size of the chart doesn't affect the measurements -- as long as you align your shot exactly with the matching aspect ratio marks (4:3, 3:2 etc). That's because the values on the chart are proportional -- they are expressed as lines per picture heigth, not per inch or per thousand pixels, etc.

Thanks for this explanation. You would think that results would be better at larger chart sizes, because printing defects would be further away from the camera.

Why on earth would Fuji dismiss reviewers whenever they candidly ask the company for more representative copies?

Maybe the camera vendors are trying to undermine the review sites, because it is too easy to identify crappy cameras by perusing review results.


Now that I re-read this, it makes no sense. I suppose Fujifilm might make a business decision to ignore replacement requests for certain review sites with low readership, but DPreview is certainly not one of them, and I-R is probably not either.

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