disappointed with k5, could use some help

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Re: disappointed with k5, could use some help

I'm in the same boat: I just got a K-5, I came from a 5D which I did not want the bulk/weight of anymore, and I'm trying to get the K-5 to work for me.

It would be helpful for you to post your settings and workflow to see if there is something you are doing wrong.

I've also been having problems attaining accurate color, and it's taken 800+ shots and a week of evaluation to come up with color settings that closely mimic real life, both on the camera's LCD and my monitor, but still my blue skies require a Blues -15 Hue +30 Saturation change in Photoshop to not be a weak purple. My NEX-5N is the same, so perhaps this Sony sensor is not good at blue. I've got a few more things to test.

AF works fine for me, try using center only for awhile so you know exactly what it is you're focusing on.

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