Twisted logic on my part?

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Twisted logic on my part?

I just placed an order for a FZ-150 with Amazon. Nobody presently has the camera , and so I will have to wait who knows how long. I know no one better than myself in putting themselves through "what should be my next camera" angst.

I have owned a bunch of Panasonics starting with the FZ1 to the LX3 which I think is the best camera I have ever owned. I get "new toy-itis" every couple of years, and gave my LX3 to my girlfriend. I was intrigued by the Sony NEX5n and so bought one around thanksgiving. The Nex5N is a very capable and intriguing camera. But it didn't take long for it to go south.

The short of it is that the 18-55 kit glass that comes with the camera is not that great. I as much said so on the Sony forum which does not endear one to very many people. Fact is-and there are many 5nxers in denial-the glass is not that good. So many use that camera with legacy glass, or will say the lens is OK. No affirmative-"that lens is really good!"

Then I got myself in deeper by buying a 55-210 zoom which is a mediocre as the 18-55. I was ready to spend $800 on a 18-210 zoom which is actually not too bad. Then I had a brainstorm-for $800 bucks-why don't I get an FZ-150 which everyone seems to like. Much cheaper than that Sony lens or 24mm $1000 Zeiss for the NX5 which everyone seems to like.

My strategy is as follows: I will keep the NEX5N for the time being. My 30 days is up: I could sell it but it is a very cool camera. I'll keep it until I see who makes some emount lens for the NEX5 at around $500 if such a thing will ever take place.

In the meantime-I know i will enjoy the FZ-150. There is SO much you can do with a camera like that. And the good part! You don't have to buy any other lenses to do fun things. Interestingly-there are a lot of LX3 & LX5 owners who have gone to the NEX5.

Here's the thing that no one talks about. Does anyone have any clue how much it costs to buy all the lens it takes to do almost all the things an advanced bridge camera will do???!!!! We're talking 2000-3000 dollars easily. Nobody seems to want to admit they don't have that kind of money. Many in the Sony forum actually say-oh I'll get the next Sony iteration the Nex7. They talk as if they were buying bars of hand soap.

And the other thing-nobody ever talks about is-few of us print pictures in the 18-24 inch range where a DLSR will make a difference. Sure-some do-but they are a distinct minority! At least-that's my impression and I have been reading this forum ever the Panny Fz-1 came out whenever that was.

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