Manufacturing costs (E-PL1, etc.)

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Re: That is an interesting number....

rrr_hhh wrote:

tedolf wrote:

Many years ago Modern Photography did a survey on SLR cameras and concluded that more than 70% of SLR owners never took the 50mm kit lens off the camera.


Customers habits have changed since the times where SLRs were sold with a fixed 50mm and people now have more cash. Kits now come with a standard zoom or a double zoom, you can't infer without further testing what people are doing nowadays, even if the majority still don't add further lenses to their kits. Whether it is 55% or 75% will make a big difference for the producers.

I can infer that most people are still morons.

I wonder what the number is for u 4/3 owners?

Me too !

I bet that a majority have more than the kit lens due to the availablitiy of cheap adapted lenses.

I bet that most of them don't care getting adapters and legacy lenses which can't AF ! Only old beards like us who own orphaned lenses are going through the trouble of getting adapters. Save perhaps for former 4/3 owners because Olympus was offering them adapters and AF compatibility.

I don't agree. People are inherently cheap and legacy lenses really appeal to that motive. Also, all those old 35mm SLRs are still in people's closets. Those 50mm f/1.8 lenses gotta go somewhere!

Also, I think most u 4/3 owners are fairly sophisticated photographers, more so than the average NEX or Nikon j1/v1 owner.

Mm this sounds like a baseless assumption, just make a search on EBay, you'll find as many adapters for Nex than for mft. Plus you have to take into account that the Nex system is a younger one and that mft was the first system to offer so many possibilities for legacy lenses. If I wasn't already so heavily invested in other mft lenses, I'd go to Nex for their bigger sensor. The Nex-7 may be a game changer in that respect.

Shame on you.

Go wash your mouth out with soap.

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