S100 for a beginner?

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Re: S100 for a beginner?

John EH wrote:

If your camera is going to spend some time in your pocket shooting everyday life with a secondary emphasis on architecture then you'll probably find a point and shoot is cats meow.

Besides taking architectural shots for my assignments and during travels. I'd also like to master the manual controls by shooting everyday things. So I guess you're pretty much spot on?

And once I've outgrown the manual controls or find it limiting, or if my interest in photography deepens, then I'll consider a DSLR. And when that day finally comes, I'm hoping I don't have to go for an entry level DSLR, and settle right away on the mid size. (something equal to the 60D/7D)

Anyway consider all your needs. Not much fun lugging a DSLR around to shoot pics of the family or friends in the mall.

I didn't pursue my interest in photography earlier because during my teenage years, any Tom, Dick or Harry can convince their parents to get them a DSLR, because it's stylish to carry around a thing like that.

They treated it like a point and shoot, without interest in knowing the technical side of photography. I wasn't as financially capable as the others, but I was sure my interest in photography exceed theirs. Whenever I think of buying a camera, I get discouraged knowing that the others would simply do the photography for me.

Now I've studied a great deal about photography during the past few months, and I'm sure I know more about the technical part of photography more than half my friends with a DSLR. Time to put those knowledge into practice with the S100.

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