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Always use a pinch of salt...

Whatever advice you receive, whether directly here or via books, you should always consider with an element of doubt or measure. If you take everything too literally there is often danger to beginners.

For example, you may try to follow some explanations, yet when comparing your pictures to samples given you always feel inferior. Soon your confidence is shattered and you give up the hobby.

On other occasions, the advice given requires apparently significant investment, but you lack the available resources. This can also be deflating.

With that in mind, my advice is to first make a decision to try to achieve the best you can with the equipment you already have before moving on. When you feel that such a time is right, you should have a good grasp of the basics and be ready.

During this initial phase, though, do not be afraid of taking pictures and creating lots of junk. Even the top pros will still do that! However, those pictures you do take, compare with other shots that you see and like. Find out how the better shot was taken, what the settings were and how the composition was used. Then try to decide what you could have done to improve your pictures and put those lessons into practice next time you go out shooting.

Finally, there is an old story about politicians making speeches where it is advised that an ordinary politician should make no more than one point, a minister perhaps two and a Prime Minister three at most. I would translate that to your learning photography: whenever you go out, try to concentrate on just on aspect and see how well you can control it, whether a camera setting, or even a theme for your pictures.

Above all, enjoy it to the full!
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