How could I have improved these?

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Re: How could I have improved these?

Thank you very much for your advice. I have been looking around for a good book or even short course to photography. I'll certainly keep an eye out for those techniques you mentioned (leading lines etc) and I'll ry to pick up a book that describes them in detail

Thanks again!

The_cheshirecat wrote:

The posts in this thread are not typical of others in DPR, thank goodness.

Posting the first shot, asking how to improve it, may not have been the best move, at least without explaining what it was or why it was taken (which you subsequently did). I tried to determine what the subject might have been without success. That is likely why you got the response you should not have taken it in the first place, something I was thinking but would not have put in quite that way.

The second does display elements that may be of interest, but did not have much impact.

I suggest before clicking you determine what it is that makes you want to capture the scene or the subject. I suspect it was the sparse tree against the mackerel sky. Then determine how much of the sky would be needed to convey that same impression. Probably more than you captured. I think setting the tree about one third from the left side, with more of the sky revealed may help significantly.

Before you put too much stress on PP, perhaps you would make faster improvements recognizing the basic elements of composition. Learn about the rule of thirds, leading lines, and some of the other techniques used in art (not just photography).

Weed out the good from the bad and keep trying. You saw potential in the tree shot, you now just need to learn how to capture it.

Good luck, keep shooting (and choose your posts carefully)

I started in the 50's - my first picture was taken with a Leica and hooked me for life. I no longer use my Leicas, but I am still taking pictures. Some things never change.

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