How could I have improved these?

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Re: How could I have improved these?

The main problem with asking people's opinions on one's photos is that we all have different opinions on what is good. A second problem is that some people are totally lacking in consideration of other people's feelings. One can criticize and still be tactful.

In general, the elements of a good photo are content, composition, and light. We can't always control the light, but we can control the content and the composition. The first photo needed some explanation on your part in order to give it a fair opinion. That's what any criticism is, an opinion. And the most important opinion is your own.

I like the second photo. It's an interesting (to me) tree and you avoided placing it dead center. The blue sky and light clouds make a nice background.

People learn different ways. Some people prefer to learn photography by taking courses. Others jump right in and learn by trial and error. My preference was by reading books and magazines and then putting what I learned into practice. I've also learned a lot, especially about digital photography on forums like this. Most important is to remember that one never stops learning.

My best advice is to be yourself. Shoot what you like the way you like and don't worry about what other people think. You can't please everyone, so don't even try.

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