How could I have improved these?

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Re: How could I have improved these?

I agree with you it's his right to post anything anywhere he likes. If you noticed, my first response to what he first wrote, was very cordial. Like you said, I value his opinion, even if it's simply get a book.

What was in poor taste was that he took the time to put in another post (the Xanax one) and still proffered no help.Once again, yes he does not have to help. No indeed. And neither do I expect it of him.

When I said he shouldn't be on the Beginners forum if he has no intention to help, it's because for so many people this is supposed to be a safe space to ask dumb questions. Whether it's about which camera should I get, or what does an ND filter do, or whatever. I've been blessed enough to have gotten valuable advice from the Beginners forum. And wherever possible I try to give back, from my research into what camera to get.

See, it's a community. A community made out of many people, probably most of them beginners and novices in the field. Many who are just passing through hoping to get a good tip and never come back. And many who might just stay on and join the dpreview community, like me.

My humble opinion is that if somebody wants to mouth off and not help, don't do it in the Beginners forum. If you want to browse this forum, please be prepared to answer silly questions, review bad pictures and the like. Otherwise just don't say anything. I don't think that's too much to ask.

As the OP to this thread, I didn't and don't expect any help from anyone. Any comment received, I thank the contributor and take it in the best light possible. The best way to learn is to be humble, after all. But for the benefit of other newbies and beginners, I think it would be nice to either give constructive comments, or say nothing at all. Not in between.

kgbruce01 wrote:

KennethKoh wrote:

Probably now's a good time for me to add - if you aren't interested in helping, stay away from the Beginners Questions forum.

That is a poor attitude on your part. There are no rules that you must help. There are no rues that you must not help. I live in a country where free speech is a right. Why should it stop here, because YOU personally find it in poor taste?

I think those velvet painting of dogs playing poker is in poor taste - but someone in the world disagrees with me because they exist. Does that mean they are WRONG, and I am correct? I would have to have a pretty large ego to think that way.

I value Tom's right to add anything - ANYTHING he wants to ANY thread here no matter what forum it is under. I may disagree 100% - but I would never wish him or anyone else to NOT post - I get told ALL THE TIME to not participate in threads, by other participants in threads, because I OFTEN come across as rude, harsh, a troll, etc...

I get told by others all the time how I SHOULD do things in life... but I make up my own mind. Maybe you should realize that when you post a topic, you can't have control on the responses. This is life, welcome.

I applaud Tom for his response, I responded to it directly myself. I want him to continue to state what he thinks and feels, even if it is the polar opposite of what I think and feel.

As I told him in another response - I hope you and yours are well and happy during this holiday season. To the OP specifically - I hope your skills and enjoyment of photography improve greatly wether you take some bad pics on the way or not.

I take some bad pics, really, really crappy and bad pics. Some totally horrible, awesomely horrible, dumb, ugly, no-sense-making pics. I also take some good ones. Rarely.

Tom Rogers wrote:

Take a Xanax and lie down. You might even get up later and take some random shots with your camera.

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