How could I have improved these?

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Re: How could I have improved these?

No thank you. Stop assuming so much. Maybe you should smoke some crack and keep shooting with 100% success. I'm sure the few people in the world that actually care about you take your advice - I will not no matter how much you try.

Xanax? How witty. That sure was a good dig. So people who are prescribed these drugs regimes by licensed professionals, in your view, are just 'crazy'?

I mean - thats OBVIOUSLY what you are trying to say to me, without the balls to just say it - you think I am crazy or unbalanced and that the drug Xanax will somehow 'cure' me? Haha, I'm so hurt and embarrassed by your witty and poignant diatribe.

I often take 'random' photos with my many cameras - from shooting from the hip to camera toss - I don't let elitists like you ruin my fun with photography. Your insistence on 'educating' me is falling on deaf ears. Good luck with that. I hope you and yours are well during this holiday season - and that is NOT sarcasm... I really do hope all is well.

Tom Rogers wrote:

Take a Xanax and lie down. You might even get up later and take some random shots with your camera.

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