I miss my D200

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Gale ....Re: I miss my D200

Hi Gale,

Hope you're doing well ! Noticed your note on here, thought as a long-time D200-user I'd chip-in .....

Gale Bizet wrote:

Get another D200.. Really a Nikon classic and very predictable. Easy to use. Great quality..

Agree 100% !

I sold my D300.. Kept the D200.
I would get another D200 if anything ever happened to the one I have.

I kept both of my D200s ... really pleased I did, because :

I could never afford the D3 series...not sure I need it either. Good glass is more important

I did get a D3, with Nikon 24-70 f2.8 ...and regretted it. Since sold it/never miss it. It just really wasn't any better for much of my kind of photography, except for high ISO gig shots, but at lower ISOs (800 & below) preferred D200 output.

After that experience, I'd say it's worth being fully aware of 'full-frame marketing' in general ...it definitely ain't always the best solution.

Also, that D3/24-70 combo just wasn't ever properly sharp, even after lens/body recalibration - v disappointing. I think the 12MP output was also a limiting factor in how much better it even could have been, and suspect the D3x is more likely to show some significant improvement somehow - or maybe not !

I'm now using (again!) the Tamron 17-50 f2.8 non-VC (which I'm also glad I kept !) on a D200, and all's fine.

I laugh at me.. Need or Want..lolol


A few D200 faves for fun :

Hope you're still enjoying & making great use of your D200 !

All the best,

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