How could I have improved these?

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Re: How could I have improved these?

A beginning photographer, literally on the FIRST DAY, should already know how to edit their shooting choices? You are totally unrealistic and this attitude is elitist.

Totally idiotic. I bet you were a pro the minute you picked up a camera at 2 years old. What a blow-hard you are. A totally insane way of thinking.

Tom Rogers wrote:

Click away is the way to improve your skills?

Yes, disregard the advice I gave to study photography and focus solely on that one point as if thats all I said. What an idiot you are coming across as. On the first day do what ever the hell you want. Thank God no one has to take your (or my) advice. But especially yours.

Explain how NOT taking a picture for fear it may not win any awards or accolades from you pro's will help? Do chef's never burn things? Do painters never make a bad brush stroke? Do race car drivers never come in second place? Do doctors always save their patients on the operating table? Do priest always save souls? Do children always gat straight A's? Do police always arrest guilty? Do meteorologists always predict the weather with 100% accuracy? Do football teams always win their games?

Why haven't you PROS dissected this horrible example of a photograph and enlightened the OP on what they should have done?

What a bunch of hot air! Way to beat someone down on their first day. Good job - go get a job teaching so you can rob the joy of photography from everyone you encounter.

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