Nex 5n white balance questions

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Re: Nex 5n white balance questions

Herman1957 wrote:

Can you use plain printer paper when setting up WB custom setup or must you use a grey card?

Paper usually contains whitening agents and is nothing like true white. Put a few different "white" papers on a table and tell me they all look the same colour...

Use a white balance card, they are not necessarily expensive.

How far away do you position the paper or card from the camera and should it be in direct or indirect light.

It should be lit in exactly the same way your subject is lit. Distance is unimportant, just make sure you are close enough to fill the area marked on the screen but not so close you cause a shadow on it.

Also, when trying to achieve proper WB, would attempting to equalize the RGB histograms serve toward that end?

Only if your subject consists entirely of some shade of (true) white

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