S100 for a beginner?

Started Dec 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
John EH Contributing Member • Posts: 770
Re: S100 for a beginner?

Good questions all. My input is that you evaluate ALL the uses for the camera you wish to get. If you are going to shoot architecture only with the goal of graduating and advancing your prospective career get a DSLR. Don't be scared to buy backwards a generation or two and in fact you can get a Canon 40D or something pretty cheap. I didn't read many replies but the gent that suggested a tilt shift lens is right on the money.

If your camera is going to spend some time in your pocket shooting everyday life with a secondary emphasis on architecture then you'll probably find a point and shoot is cats meow. The S95 and S100 are great cameras. (I have an S90 and an S95). Still contemplating the S100.

Anyway consider all your needs. Not much fun lugging a DSLR around to shoot pics of the family or friends in the mall.


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