How could I have improved these?

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Re: How could I have improved these?

The first one was just a test of how the image would turn out really. Hence why I didn't bother post processing it. I was trying to focus on the tiny patch of the christmas tree being illuminated by the bulb, if that makes any sense

For the second one, I already brightened the sky in PP. Noted your comment on the trunk being dark. I'm not too sure how to fix that in Oly Viewer 2.. Will fiddle around some more.

Thanks for the comments!

Leonard Migliore wrote:

For the first one, I have no idea what you were trying to do. My only suggestion for improvement is to not have taken the picture.

Now the second one makes some sense. It's a picture of a tree. First, I would have taken it vertical. You have a lot of sky on both sides that doesn't add to the composition. Next, I would have lightened it either with exposure compensation or post-processing (but maybe that's because you darkened the sky; there are better ways). Just a bit, since the sky is an area of interest. But that trunk is awful dark.
Leonard Migliore

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