S100 for a beginner?

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Re: S100 for a beginner?

Ring A wrote:

No matter what profession you pursue, you won't go far without the proper tools.

A SLR with a tilt lens will be the proper tool but you're gonna need a tripod too.

I suggest you get yourself a SLR even if it's just with the kit lens, you won't be sorry.

The S95 / S100 and cool cameras because they fit in your pocket but fall short for architectural pics.

Have you considered Business Administration for a major, all you need is a pencil and paper.

If I do need a DSLR in the future, I still can use the S100 as a secondary compact camera. So nothing goes wasted. Like this guy in the S100 commercial:


I'm a Malaysian Chinese, and although it's an accurate stereotype that the Chinese generally make good businesspeople, I for one think that I am terrible at business. But why did you ask that?

skisagooner wrote:

I think the S100 will be a camera that I can take time to grow into, and then I'll decide whether I should get a DSLR. Because a DSLR, at the moment is a bit unaffordable and unnecessary for me.

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