Leica or Carl Zeiss Lenses?

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Re: Zeiss not suitable for M8/M9 without adjustment

Peter Wais wrote:

I am honestly very surprised by this post! I have used my Zeiss ZM 15/2.8 and 85/2 on my M6, RD-1, M8 and M9.... All produce superb results, just as Leica lenses do on these bodies.

Another way of putting this is if the Leica M mount was somehow changed between the M6 and M8, as your comment suggests, then why does my 1995 35 SX ASPH work so well on all of the bodies I listed?

M8 is able to better compensate due to its relative larger dof. This distance issue is highly debatable also because Leica is not taking any position on that. Zeiss did, btw.

My personal experience on Zeiss and Voigtlander lenses is that after the tighter rangefinder calibration made by Leica on in 2011, my M9 is laser sharp with "new" and "old recalibrated" Leica lenses and mostly front focuses with any other. Below 35 mm front focus is very difficult to detect, whereas lack of collimation is easy (patch is misaligned at infinity).

Lastly, I cannot judge what you consider "superb". I use the M9 to shoot carefully set up landscapes which I print in A3 / A2 sizes, which require superb performance, and documentary reportage work, in which absolute sharpness is not needed.

If you still have access to an M9, ask the owner if it was bought in late 2010 or 2011, or if it was sent to rangefinder service recently. Then review your lenses performance on that body under late Leica standards: enthusiasm might be dampened.

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