Leica or Carl Zeiss Lenses?

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Bo W Regular Member • Posts: 174
Zeiss not suitable for M8/M9 without adjustment

A similar thread some time ago, please read the last posts in

and directly at the authorative source Mario.B

Zeiss lenses are excellent, BUT they do not match M9! M9 does NOT have the same distance btw lens and sensor, as the older Leicas btw lens and film.

Zeiss lenses are calibrated according to the [older] film standard. Leica has to modify older Leica lenses to "M8/M9" standard to focus exactly on M9.

Don't take my word for it. Please read the posts above, Sean Reid, and numerous other serious tester, who allways seem to comment that the Zeisses are peers to Leicas optically, but they all seem a "bit off" in focus.

A Leica EVIL will probably solve the problem..

Best / Bo

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