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Sometimes I take photographs because I see interesting shapes, patterns, textures, lighting effects etc around me. Often these can be humdrum objects in everyday surroundings. A simple statement of what an object is gives added point to the fact that pleasure can be found in the contemplation of simple things Or, persons or groups of people may be acting in a way which suggests emotional reaction to their surroundings - or lack of emotion when it might be expected in response to some incident perhaps. The potential stimulus might be apparent in the picture, but a word or two of explanation will help in its appreciation. Again, a place, a landscape, a building might strike an aesthetic or emotional response in me which might be partly due to its cultural or historical significance, and I would try to picture it in a way to express that response. Giving that place its name shows respect for its significance.

As I imagine others are, I am sometimes daunted by the prospect of dutifully giving a fair response to a large number of images of varying quality, and the exercise is made more pleasurable if entrants in challenges allow me some insight into the what, where and why of their pictures. My participation in the judging process is thereby made more likely than if these pictures are simply labelled by file numbers or a reiteration of the challenge title.

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