Macro Diffuser on the cheap.

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kalimistuk Veteran Member • Posts: 8,215
Macro Diffuser on the cheap.

A few people have requested a small tut on how I get my light on my macros so here goes.

First grab a pack of pringles, depending on lens size you might be better with a party pack, (the bigger pack) you can roughly check by holding the pringles tub next to your cam with flash.

next I cut a piece of paper the same size as my flash head.

Then draw round the paper or stick on the pringles packet near the bottom.

Now carefully cut round the paper, better with a very sharp blade but watch ya fingers

Now for the diffuser, every filter I have ever brought comes with some material in the filter case to stop the filter clanging about. this is what I used.

I used two of these

make sure before you get the filter material that they would fit.

and your done, it should look like this.

And some results.

P.S. I have velcro stuck around my flash head and this helps to keep the pringles tub on there tight.

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