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to tripod or not to tripod

Started Dec 25, 2011 | Discussions thread
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aidan obsidian Regular Member • Posts: 252
to tripod or not to tripod

Merry christmas to everyone!

I know a solid tripod is highly recommended, some would say essential, but I find myself questioning how often I would use it. For the most part I shoot close ups/abstracts of whatever catches my eye, street photography, and some landscapes.

I don't shoot anything telephoto where i need an extremely stable lens. I have even found I have gotten acceptable results at night with 1/8s shutter speed...and with my kx have found the results useable up to iso 3200 in BNW.

I'm asking because I received a very nice one as a gift, but I'm not sure how much use it will get. I can't see myself going out to take pictures and carrying it around. Especially street photography which is what I find myself shooting most often now, it seems almost counter-intuitive. For street I like to be discreet and setting up a tripod on the sidewalks of Toronto doesn't seem like the best idea, and I usually shoot @ night after 10pm.

I don't think it will help me make better compositions, for the most part I see them, then try to reproduce the perspective then review and take more until I am satisfied. Since I got my camera last christmas I have been using primes and can visualize the frame with various focal lengths now.

In my mind there is only one shot that I want right now where a tripod is essential, but i'd also need a ND filter lol.

So with all the improvements in high iso and VR/IS/SR allowing proper exposures with usable shutter speeds in nearly all conditions, where is a tripods place? I know there is always some movement, even with faster shutter speeds, but I'm not really a pixel peeper and have never printed larger than 24 x 18'.

I guess in short, what i am wondering is, would it be worth it to keep? I could use the money and get a da 35 2.4 instead with just the $ from the tripod, or pay for a decent chunk of the 15/21 ltds.

Pentax K-x
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