Is the Panasonic G3 or GH2 clean at base ISO?

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Re: The G3 is not really clean at base ISO

It is no worse than my D300 was. I was truly disappointed in the base ISO with blue skies...but then again, that camera was $1500. My D700 is whole other ball of joy!

My G3 give me IQ comparable to what I was experiencing with my D300 4 years ago and that is okay with me. It's 'good enough'. Sensor tech has nowhere to go but up, so I am optimistic.

FlashInThePan wrote:

And this becomes very obvious when you manipulate the files in post processing.

Any kind of extreme manipulation will cause the sky to become grainy/ textured. Because of the limited dynamic range, extreme manipulation may be unavoidable in some cases.

I have newer versions of the images below, processed differently with more subdued tones, nevertheless the grain is apparent in higher res.

I've read somewhere that compared to the older 12MP sensor, the G3's sensor has less noise at high ISO, but more in low ISO. Haven't really looked into this but it may true. Augmenting the base ISO from 100 to 160 may have to do with it.

I can live with it, your mileage may vary.

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