Is the Panasonic G3 or GH2 clean at base ISO?

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Re: The G3 is not really clean at base ISO

FlashInThePan wrote:

I've read somewhere that compared to the older 12MP sensor, the G3's sensor has less noise at high ISO, but more in low ISO.

The DxOMark RAW-level test-results indicate what you say above (as far as read/dark-noise) when the 16 Mpixel G3 image sensor is compared to the 16 Mpixel GH2 image-sensor (due to differences in Dynamic Range), but the same cannot seem to be said (where it comes to read/dark-noise as indicated by Dynamic Range, or to photon-shot-noise combined with the read/dark-noise as indicated by Signal/Noise Ratio at 18% sensor-illumination) when directly comparing the 16 Mpixel G3 image-sensor to the 12 Mpixel image-sensor that is used in the G1, G2, GF1, GF2, and the GF3.

I base this on comparisons (between G3 and GF3) of Dynamic Range and SNR(18%) data here:

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