Is the Panasonic G3 or GH2 clean at base ISO?

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Re: Is the Panasonic G3 or GH2 clean at base ISO?

mfbernstein wrote:

I don't know about the Sonys but my Nikon produces genuinely clean skies at base ISO without any NR. That's nice in and of itself, and it also allows me to use sharpening without worrying about noise artifacts.

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Just be sure to use an adequate level on the "masking" slider in ACR sharpening GH2 RAW files or "threshold" in CS5 to avoid noise accentuation in smoother areas. I use the default sharpening levels in ACR except masking set at 25 rather than 0 - increasing to 40 or so with high ISO shots. "Threshold" in CS5 is much more sensitive, and 10-15 works for me. Unfortunately CS5's Smart Sharpen with its very powerful deconvolution routine has no such provision.

I don't print anywhere near the 36x48" 100% display size on my 1080 HD monitor, but in A2/17x22 prints - roughly 50% -anything seen at 100% is either not printable or drastically minimiized to insignificance at base ISO.

I noticed with the Nikon D7000 RAWs compared to GH2's in the DPRev widget, the Nikon loses fine detail more rapidly than the Panny, which also outshines it in absolute resolution according to PopPhoto - and visibly in fine detail at base ISO of 160 vs the Nikon's 100.


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