School me on the Pentax K-R and old lenses?

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Re: School me on the Pentax K-R and old lenses?

Anirut J wrote:

If you're interested in the K-r, do note that it has the front-focus-under-tungsten-light problem using auto white balance, and no solution has been made. If you set the white balance to tungsten and shoot under the lighting, there is no (or may be very negligible) problem.

Using the live-view contrast detect to auto focus with auto white balance has no problem with any lighting. The live-view focus is pretty fast, faster than some higher-class cameras. It will certainly hunt (and may not lock focus) in low light.

Other than the known problem, it is a great low-cost camera with many pro-oriented functions.

Using older NON-AF lenses on the K-r can certainly avoid the problem. However, I have NOT try any old lenses on my K-r, yet, only planning to.

I'm happy with mine. Just had to learn to "avoid" running into the front focus problem.
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I have a recent manufacture all-white k-r and am unable to reproduce this issue. Dunno if it affects your decision, but it appears that this is not an issue inherent in every k-r...

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