Is the Panasonic G3 or GH2 clean at base ISO?

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Re: Is the Panasonic G3 or GH2 clean at base ISO?

mfbernstein wrote:

Low noise and DR are definitely priorities for me. The 12MP sensor did okayish at ISO 100, but ISO 100 is gone now from the newer generation, and ISO 200 has proven frustrating so far...

These sensors never really had ISO 100; the real base ISO was always ISO 200. A lot of people seem confused by this.

ISO 100 on these bodies just overexposes by one stop and pulls down, and this was removed because it reduces dynamic range (a bad idea on a sensor that already has limited dynamic range...). It's true that overexposing and pulling down will generate less noise in shadows, but it's usually not worth the cost.

If you want to replicate the old fake ISO 100, shoot RAW, ETTR by one stop to blow highlights, and drop down in post.

DPR tells you this about the 12MP sensor:

DPReview wrote:

As we've noted with other recent Olympus SLRs, the E-P1's 'base ISO' (ISO 100) produces considerably less dynamic range than ISO 200 (around a stop less in the highlights), and we'd not recommend using it unless you really have to - Olympus agrees, and you won't see Auto ISO going below 200.

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