Dynamic range for Canon 5D Mark II

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Re: Dynamic range for Canon 5D Mark II

maybe. but your pictures wouldnt get any better, and next year you would be going to ask here: i just learned that D800 has much more dynamic range than D7000...

its not the camera - national geographic is full of 5DMk2 pics. it's you. you are the problem. not canon, nikon or sony.

jh82 wrote:

In general, Canon 5D Mark II is considered as a good camera for landscaping and portrait etc…. where Nikon D7000 is considered a good camera for the sports/wildlife. I just learned that D7000 has much more dynamic range than 5DII (13.9 EV vs 11.9 EV, 2.2f-stop more dynamic range). If this is correct, then does this mean that D7000 could be a better camera for landscaping because of dynamic range. Would someone like to make a comment on it? Can anyone who owned both D7000 and 5DII to comment on what live experience you may have about two cameras in landscaping performance?


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