1D mkIII vs. Sony SLT a77

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Re: 1D mkIII vs. Sony SLT a77

those pictures show exemplarily, that its no good idea to invest in an expansive body that lets few room for adequate glass any more.

the glass youre using with basketball is not adequate and therefore those pics suck. this much background in focus is a total nono in this kind of sport. but, understandably, you had no more money for better glass.

if you hadnt changed brands and bodies that often, you wouldnt have lost so much money and could have bought better glass.

that means: always buy the best glass for your kind of photography and stay with your body.

by the way: if you need 8 fps as a non professional shooter, better get a videocam.

garykohs wrote:

No, I didn't find it hard to shoot these shots with EVF and no I don't think I could have done better if using OVF. However let me qualify by saying that I came to the A77 after a year with the A55. The A77's EVF is much better and quicker than the A55's.

The A55 is a challenge when shooting action. The AF is very good but the EVF is tough to use.

The A77 goes a long way toward eliminating that problem. However there is still a "slide show effect" using a burst. It's most noticeable in 8 fps mode (which the first shot was) and nearly absent in the 12 fps mode (2nd shot). I don't have trouble shooting a burst and keeping the focus on the athlete.


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