S100 for a beginner?

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Re: S100 for a beginner?

I believe buy it once if at all possible. If you will get involved with photography specializing in architecture photography you are wasting your time and money on any point and shoot. If you want a toy buy a point and shoot camera. I switched from my DSLR for my needs to micro four thirds and still have the Canon G12. If I was doing as much landscape and portrait photography as I used to do I would always use a DSLR for optimum results and I do not have time for re-shoots if I could avoid it.

I would explore both Canon and Nikon and understand I am not a camera purist so far as brand loyal. The manufacture has to have the lenses and accessories I need at the current time to get the best results with good glass. Having good equipment will also separate you from the rest of the looking for work group of those competing for the same type of job IMO.

Point is for architecture photography you maybe need both a tilt/shift type lens to do what you need in camera or spend time in post editing fixing things, i.e. software. Just depends how serious you want to be. If the size and weight of a DSLR is too much to handle than to get serious and get paid for your work this is my job type of thing maybe you should be sure 100% before you invest a lot. IMO I would get use to the DSLR type camera build up muscle and just do it ( meant in a respectful tone ) If you want to drive a car you have to stop riding the skateboard just because of physical size and weight. If its a deal breaker it is what it is then.

Be as versatile as possible and a point and shoot can't do everything, but its great for documenting the moment or doing a location scout.

skisagooner wrote:

Okay I'm adding fuel to the S100 fire.

I'm an architecture student starting to pursue my interest in photography, and I've been looking at the S100 for months now. I've considered the prospect of a DSLR, but it's bulky to carry around frequently, and more importantly, it's really expensive. Especially when we talk about wide angle lenses, which is crucial for architectural photography.

(an 18-55 kit lens provide a 28.8mm equivalent wide angle zoom, and the S100 is 24mm equivalent on the wide end)

Also all these months of 'photography study' has made me learn a lot about the technical side of photography (aperture, shutter speed, etc). Stuffs people learn after they get their camera, I learn before. So I'd like to utilise manual controls for my pictures.

And the 'plan' is that maybe if I decide to pursue deeper into photography or outgrew the S100, I'd get something like a 60D. Or should I just get the 60D now? I think that'd be more of a gamble than an investment since I'm not that into photography yet.

But some of my friends would argue that the price of the S100 could almost buy me a entry level/2nd hand DSLR.

Could someone point me to the light?

P.S: Marry Christmas!

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