S100 for a beginner?

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Re: S100 for a beginner?

Alan2dpreview wrote:

If you're planning on shooting a lot of bldgs because of your architectural interest, you should look into cameras where you can shoot with a "tilt lenses".

However, if you're not interested in shooting bldgs, you can get an S95 for under $300. It's the predecessor of the S100 and would suit your purposes.

Aren't tilt shift lenses extremely expensive? I can't afford a DSLR with a WA lens, let alone a tilt shift!

I ruled out the S95 for various reasons, primarily the 28mm wide end.

kazkioken wrote:

Since you already have visual acuity and a sense of space and composition (architecture student) I would assume you will be taking great pics and therefore you should get a system that you can grow into. You might find that your ambition exceeds the technical capability with certain cameras, but sure...as a whole any of the S's (90/95/100) are great as tiny cameras you can take anywhere. If you search on here there are several people who have shot amazing architecture with this camera. If you on the other hand need shallow depth of field, great bokeh, etc. you're going to have to get a larger sensor and some faster lenses - again just depends what you want to shoot.

You're flattering me, I'm only finishing my foundation year, taking my first year next year. But thanks for the tips. I'm just not that into photography yet to splash the cash on big toys, or am I?

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