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Michael919 wrote:

Polyglot92 wrote:

This is a nice forum indeed. Except when people get upset when someone reports or discusses a problem which they think cannot possibly exist or be important because they themselves don't have it or because they don't find it important. If people had higher self esteem or didn't over-identify with the manufacterer of their equipment they wouldn't feel so threatened by these discussions. Only the manufacturer should have to defend his camera.

The same thing has been happening at the Fujifilm forum, to a much worse extent until the mods stepped in. There is a difference between politely raising issues and concerns and posting things like, "the S100 is garbage/crap! Don't buy one!". If I had one and I was having good success with it, then I would defend it too. It's less to do with self esteem then it is to do with reacting to over-the-top statements that need some balance.

I haven't been reading the Fuji forum, so I'm not sure exactly what happened.

But to be fair, while it may not be the fault of the regulars on the Fuji forum (I don't know), I know that just being here in the Canon forum, before the x10 was actually available every time there was a thread on where the x10 might possibly be an option there was someone fanboying the camera - making outrageous claims that it's high iso performance was soooo much better, it's build quality sooooo superior, no other camera could match it, bla bla bla bla.

I'm just saying that I agree that it's about ego and stuff, but with the Fuji it's...not entirely without cause that the forum would have attracted a lot of...attention...

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