Pentax Japan DSLR 2011 Market Share

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George Plummer Forum Member • Posts: 99
Re: Pentax Japan DSLR 2011 Market Share

I wonder if the popularity of Canon and Nikon is the result of a combination of several simple parameters:

a) DSLRs are so good that there is little difference in the quality of the images taken by the average user. Pentax offers no technical advantage for the masses
b) they are more readily available than Pentax;

c) all the prices are competitive - especially after the recent price hikes for Pentax;

d) few people want compatible older lenses - they want "new" so there is no benefit from all those K-mount lenses on the used market;

e) all their friends are buying Canon and Nikon. (Herd mentality . . .or safety in numbers?)

Until Pentax has an answer for those points I predict it will continue to be a niche brand.

Best wishes, George P
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