D7000 Replacement already?

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Re: D7000 Replacement already?

jonikon wrote:

cdrross wrote:

My wonder is (without starting a war here) has Nikon recognized that perhaps the D7000 was a bit rushed to market and needs modification?
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It's only a rumor, with a70% chance of being wrong.

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I own a D7000 and I don't see anything about it that would indicate to me this camera was "rushed to market". On the contrary, it shows me that a lot of careful thought and new design effort went into the D7000.

If you want an example of cameras that have been rushed to market, look no further than the Sony's SLT cameras. The fist SLTs had overheating problems and image ghosting. The most recent Sony a77 SLT has had so many firmware bugs (some rendering the camera inoperative), that even after four major firmware updates in three months from release, there are still many a77 owners unsatisfied and wanting still more fixes. Now that situation in a $14000 camera would be unacceptable to Nikon users, but lucky for Sony that their customers have low expectations from their cameras and will continue to buy them.

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Get your facts right...the Sony A77 was released to customers with firmware 1.03 and it had ONE and not four updates since its release. Also the camera did not cost $14000 but a "bit" less, around $1400. FWIW it has great reviews so far. Besides...who is talking? AF issues with the Nikon D7000? Blown out highlight problem and crappy video...just look around in your thread and you can find plent of threads reporting issues...

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