FZ150 and night photography

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Re: FZ150 and night photography


With my FZ38 I had wonderful time and exellent night shots! Decided to upgrade to FZ150 based on many reviews that stated that FZ150 is even better for night photography! Unfortunately FZ150 have trend to rise ISO up to 800-1600, even on tripod - in similar situation FZ38 shots ISO 80! The night images of FZ38 are crisp and with good collors while FZ150 produces images with high ISO- noisy and with inaccurate collors. When I shoot on P-mode and set ISO to 100 or 200 pictures are crisp, but too dark.
Now I am wondering what to do... Any useful advices will be highly appreciated!

  • Try it on manual, on a tripod, with Wide open lens, long exposures, at the lowest ASA available.

Play around with long ; - 10- 60 second exposures.

Bump the ASA up to ~ 200 & try the same F Stop & exposures again

  • Also, there is a product called " Software Stacker" which, if you can take identical tripod shots, may help

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