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Re: Flexible Spot focusing (NEX-7)

I think I understood you, I just never have seen a metering mode move with the flexible focus point before. Metering as far as I have seen has been matrix, center, or spot (which is centered in the frame and often requires recomposing the shot). Having the metering coincide with the focus would be nice in cases like a portrait, but again I haven't seen that. For me doing mainly landscapes on a tripod, having an exposure stay the same while adjusting the flexible spot focus is very beneficial. Interesting to things from another perspective.


TiagoReil wrote:
You misunderstood what I said, or maybe I didn't express correctly.

Lets Imagine that I want to take a picture of a nice girl. you want to tale it horizontally, with the 2/3rds rule with her face in one of the corners.

The surroundings are complicated because of not too much light (or what ever reason) so you cant use matricial. You need to rely on spot or center.

but you want to metter the girls face. How do you do that with flexible spot? You cant, cause the metering is in the center. You will expose to what ever is in the center, and not to the girls face/upper part of the body, that is what interests to you.

Generally, if you are using a metering mode different to matrix, you want the zone that is metering in the same spot that focus is being made, and you cant do it with flexible spot.

That is why I use center focus. You focus, you metter, and re frame where I want it. Dont get me wrong. There are times where flexible makes sense. Specially if you are using a tripod. But since my nex-5 doesn't let me also change the position of the metering circle, it is no use using it when you want to metter with the camera (except matricial).

EGood wrote:

The beauty of using flexible spot focusing is not only that you don't have to recompose the shot to begin with, but you can alter the focus while retaining the composition for several exposures in order to stack them afterwards for incredible depth of field.

As for the exposure changing while using the flexible spot focus, that shouldn't be happening. Generally the center weighted or spot exposure meter should stay in the center of the frame, and exposure should only differ when changing the composition that has different light values or the light changes in the scene. I don't have any E-mount lenses to try that out, but I don't remember noting it when playing with the flexible spot focus earlier today in the store. I'll have to keep an eye on that.

TiagoReil wrote:

You could use center focus and recompose. That is what I generally do. Specially when I use spot or center mettering mode. This is something pretty stupid of flexible spot that I dont know if it has been fixed in 5N or 7 (I still have Nex-5). When you use flexible spot with center or spot, the metering will be still in the center, even if you are focusing something in a corner. So to do it right, the best thing is to use center focusing, focus (and metter), stay pressed, so both focus and exposure values are saved and recompose.

EGood wrote:

For those interested, it appears that flexible spot focusing only works on the NEX-7 with E-mount lenses (I haven't tried on the 5N). When using A-mount lenses and either the LA-EA1 or 2 adapter I was only able to use the Spot (not flexible), Local and Wide focusing settings. You can move the focusing point around the 14 predetermined focusing points with the Local setting, but not anywhere within the frame as in the Flexible Spot mode. While I miss the flexible spot feature with the A-mount lenses, manual focusing with the scaling and peaking features looks like a viable alternative.

Just thought I'd post this for those wondering.


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