GX1 vs. GH2

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Re: Panasonic had it right with the LC1

QuietQuality wrote:

Trouble is Panasonic tried this with the Lumix DMC-L1 and many thought it a quirky camera. It was, because unlike the LC1, it was too big because of the limitations of the original 4/3 standard.

The way I remember it, the main problems with the L1 were that the top-left-corner optical viewfinder was a horror (small and dark), and the price was way too much. I liked the design, but could just not bring myself to pay that much for a camera with such a terrible viewfinder.

The problem of course is that because the L1 didn't do very well, Panasonic then went to conventional SLR body style for the L10 and then carried this over to the G1 and GH1.

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